• Friday , 17 January 2020

Where is the development?


Accra Takorad road mapI’m on the road traveling from Takoradi to Accra. I have travelled this road for forty years at least; first with my dad, on my own and these days more often than not, with my driver. I drive past the towns and villages and find myself asking the question, what’s changed?


Well, not much except that most of the buildings have lost their paint and several have fallen apart. If they are painted, you can be sure it’s in the colors of the competing telecom operators; their logos prominently displayed. If they are lucky the whole house is painted on the outside. Often, what’s painted is the side of the house facing the bypassing vehicles.


Plantain and tomatoes on the road from Accra to TakoradiThe boys and girls that sell tomatoes, onions, plantain, cassava, pepper, yam and pineapples are ever present along the route.





The old bailey bridge over the Pra River is still visible. The Pra is now dark brown, polluted and destroyed by illegal gold mining wholesale nfl jerseys activity along its banks. The bridge over it is new. wholesale nba jerseys That’s what’s new.


Trucks on the road from Accra to TakoradiWhat else cheap nfl jerseys can I speak positively of? The road; yes, the road. It is truly an example of what was Champs well built. Smooth as ever after so many years. Yes there are bad patches here and there but overall, it’s still in pretty good shape.



So why has everything else remained the same or gotten worse over the years? Where is the development? I’m arguing now with my namesake, David, who is traveling with me. He has just singled out the fact that “these days you can go by air to Takoradi”. I’m smiling. Small boys are young. He has no idea that forty years ago, I used to wave goodbye to my big sister OBSERVER Patti, at the Ballroom same airport (It’s actually the air wholesale nfl jerseys force station) until the service disappeared only to be revived recently by the oil industry. The expatriate community heading offshore and between Accra and Takoradi need it. They won’t risk their lives on this route if they can idiom├íticas afford not to.

Our conversation has Africa evolved and I’m turning on the pressure telling David that his “new” Yay?nda hotels in Accra – the Golden Tulip and Movenpick – used to be known as Continental and Ambassador. “You mean they were there before?”, he asks. My answer: “listen buddy, they boasted live bands, mostly Ghanaian food and a “Ghanaian way of streets life”; not western wholesale jerseys style bars and recreation”. Then returning to the beginning of our conversation, I add: “we’ve just left Takoradi where I was born and raised and I’m telling you, it’s a lot dirtier and crowded. There is nothing new and exciting I can point to. We’ve gone backwards!”.

Am I being too harsh?

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  1. Wots
    August 31, 2014 at 4:27 pm Reply


    a good post, it brought back many memories for me from when I worked in Takoradi. One thing you didn’t mention was the smells. the smell of smoking fish and smouldering wood as the road passes close to beaches where the fishermen land their catch.

    Perhaps you should buy a smell attachement for your camera?



  2. Wots
    August 31, 2014 at 4:30 pm Reply


    Another thing. how lucky are you guys to have fresh fruit and veg by the roadside. I’m guessing it’s all organic. Do you think the farmers are paid enough for what they do?


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