• Friday , 17 January 2020

Why Does Ghana Need New Administrative Regions?

Don’t we need some education on the government’s decision for creating new regions? I have heard arguments about it being necessary for the “creation of equitable development”. In fact, the creation of the Upper West region they say, was to ensure the rapid development of the country. The country? I don’t understand it. Do they mean the region? I guess you can say “the country” since the region is part of the country. But did it? Did the creation of the Upper West region lead to the development of the country?

Worse still instead of telling us why they want to create new regions, the narrative is rather a defensive one; denying ulterior political motives.

It’s amazing how political conspiracy dominates everything. Even the Minister responsible for Regional Reorganization (what a ministry!) is busy defending the decision as non political as though that’s all we are interested in.

The Chiefs and People in the Western Region (have you noticed how we always add People to Chiefs) are reportedly happy about the splitting of the region into two – there is now talk about a northern part of the the Western region. Wow! I’m also from the Western Region but nobody has asked me. They are just taking my name in vain.

And the argument for creating a new Region within the Western Region is that it will bring development to every part of the region. The paramount chief of Sefwi Wiawso, is reported in a Daily Graphic newspaper report to have said, “it will reduce the drudgery of getting to Takoradi to transact business”.

Really? How about fixing the road from Sefwi Wiawso to Takoradi?


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